Explore Termbases and
Translation Memories like never before!

…without Trados™


Search by date or date range


Search duplicates, repeated Entries


Export glossaries to Excel


Comprehensive User Guide


Neatly organized, clickable list


Extract audio, images, video


Normal, full text, fuzzy, extended


Explore, extract translation memories

Calendar Module

  • Get a chronological list of terms
  • Get a list of the latest Entries (Concepts) added
  • Latest additions by date and time
  • Latest modifications by date and time
  • Fast and practical way of entering dates

Duplicates Module

  • Instantly know how many duplicates you have in a selected language
  • Get a clickable listing to jump directly to MultiTerm Desktop
  • Quick and efficient way to manage your Termbases

Export Module

  • The most practical way of exporting Termbases to Excel
  • Within seconds, get bilingual glossaries in plain text
  • No extra conversions necessary

Help Module

  • Context-sensitive help with F1
  • Indexed User Guide
  • Smart table of contents
  • Search by keywords
  • Add your own bookmarks
  • In and of itself a useful introduction to terminology

History Module

  • Organized inventory of visited Termbases
  • Open a Termbase directly in MultiTerm Desktop
  • Date, time and path for each Termbase
  • Instant report of History
  • Compact and repair Termbases (experimental)

Multimedia Module

  • Multimedia indicators for each Termbase
  • Search multimedia items by name or by file type
  • Preview and extract images
  • Extract audio and video items
  • Inventory and report multimedia items by file type

Search Modules

  • Normal, full text, fuzzy, and extended searches
  • Search by Concept ID, by multimedia item, by date(s)
  • Instantly find while you type
  • Search latest additions

Translation Memories Module

  • Instant metadata information with ISO language tags
  • Search and find Translation Units instantly
  • Get clean text devoid of tags
  • Export individual Translation Units into text files
  • Within seconds, export full TMs to Excel
  • Within seconds, convert full TMs to TMX format


TMs too!

 "We thought v2.5 would be
the end, but then...  what about TMs?!"


Yes, there was v1.0

"Back in 2017 we could not find a tool like this, so we created it."

It grew up organically

"The application itself was asking for more and more features."