Searching in MultiTerm Desktop and Trados Studio is not efficient enough

The basic search functions (normal, full-text and fuzzy) and even the advanced search functions (duplicates, ad hoc and by entry number, i.e. Concept ID) included in the commercial product may not be efficient enough or fast enough. That is the whole rationale of how Tb-Scout was born with version 1.0 back in 2017.

For instance, compare finding duplicates in MultiTerm Desktop and using Tb-Scout v3.3. The former takes a little while, in some cases even minutes, and produces a crammed list whereas the latter takes much less time, seconds, and produces an easy scrollable list with each item directly linked to MultiTerm Desktop. Try it yourself.

The place where you type in your keywords (i.e. search words) is shown below:

The text you type is not case sensitive for all types of searches, basic and enhanced. For instance, whether you type in "system" or "SYSTEM", the application will work the same, and the results will be shown in both lowercase and uppercase letters.

To activate the search engine, and to get results, if any, you can 1) press the [GO] button, or for touch typists 2) press the Tab key and then Enter, or 3) press Enter twice.

The * and ? wildcards

In addition to typing terms or even short phrases, you can also use the asterisk wildcard, i.e. to account for one or more unspecified characters. For instance, if you type "govern*" in the search box, and choose Normal search, you will get governance, government, governors, etc., depending on the actual content of your Termbase. If you type govern* and choose Full Text Search you will get even more results. You can also use the question mark wildcard to account for a particular character, but only one character. For instance g?ve* will get you: given, govern, etc.

Please note that if you do not get results (that are supposed to be there) you may want to refresh the Source Language (SL) and the Target Language (TL) by reselecting them in the "Language" box, and by reselecting the search type..