There are two flavors of Tb-Scout v3.3

Tb-Scout v3.3 can be used as "basic edition" and as "licensed edition".

The basic edition is free and for a limited period.

The licensed mode requires a Product License Key and it includes all the functionality described in this Help System. The basic edition mode is the default mode when the application is downloaded from the SDL AppStore and it comes with limited or locked functionality. Still, it is a good and useful tool to explore Termbases.

Please note that Tb-Scout v3.3 as basic edition is not a trial version (an application with all the functionality available for a limited time). Basic edition simply means it is just the application with limited functionality and with a set expiration date after a few months.

Basic edition vs Licensed edition

Files to download


Application file name

Price 3

Tb-Scout 3.3 for MultiTerm (64-bit)

TbScout.v33_20xx.accde 1

EUR 10.90

Tb-Scout 3.3 for MultiTerm (32-bit)


EUR 10.90

Tb-Scout 3.3 (64-bit)

TbScout.v33_2000.accde 2

EUR 17.90

Tb-Scout 3.3 (32-bit)


EUR 17.90

1 Available for 2022, 2021, 2019, 2017, 2015 and 2014 MultiTerm versions. In addition, there is version 3.3 and its corresponding application files: Tb-Scout.v33_2022.accde, Tb-Scout.v33_2021.accde, Tb-Scout.v33_2019.accde, and so on.
2 All application files with a 2000 in their name do not require any Trados product
3 Introductory pricing for a two-year license. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

🖂 🡪 Write to tbsv30.user @ to request the file you need.

Development trace

Current Build: [2024FB29-0912PM 9V6]
Previous Builds: [2023SP29-1115AM 1V3] — [2023JL31-0837AM 1V6] — [2023JL20-1232PM 1V6] — [2023JN271258PM 1V6] — [2023JN220827PM 1V6] — [2023JN020724AM 1V6]

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