Within seconds, export a full Translation Memory into a TMX file for other CAT tools*

BENEFITS: Once you have a TMX file it can be easily imported into any other CAT or TMS tool, since it is a universal format.

Please note: Whether exporting to an Excel file or to a TMX file, all Trados Translation Memories will be stripped of metadata, including tags, dates, origin, users, etc., resulting in clean, leaner Translation Units in plain text, essentially just content.

The Translation Memory Exchange (TMX) format, is the open XML standard used for exchanging translation memory (TM) data between CAT tools. Converting at TMX file into a new Translation Memory is a simple procedure.

The resulting TMX is usually a well-formed and valid XML file, that is, a document that conforms to the syntax rules in the XML 1.0 specification, satisfying both physical and logical structures. If need be, you can edit this XML file using a professional text editor such as Notepad++.
Another amazing and versatile tool like Visual Studio Code can automatically detect and remove unusual line terminator characters, like Line Separator (LS) or Paragraph Separator (PS), if any.

* Available only in Tb-Scout v3.3