Open the door to your MultiTerm™ Termbases and Translation Memories

In order to upgrade the application from basic edition mode to licensed edition mode, and to unlock all the functionality, you will need a Product License Key.

When you already have successfully opened and closed at least three (3) Termbases, the first step in the process of unlocking the application is to open the About box.

Then type in your email address, at the bottom of the form. Once you have entered your email address, and double-checked that it is the email address you want to use, a Pre-Order Key will be generated and placed in that same box. To copy it, just click on it and press Ctrl+C. (The little red x is a button that will allow you to change or modify the email address you entered).

You can then send an email message instantly through Outlook (by pressing the asterisk button) or send it manually, from that same email address to tbsv30.user @, where you will include the Pre-Order Key. By return email you will receive your unique Product License Key. (Later, to apply this Key, in the same About box, press Alt+K to reveal a green tick mark button which will open a form where you will process the Key. Warning: this keystroke combination may not work if you have assigned it to another application like a screen-recorder. You may have to disable it).