Search, explore and extract multimedia items

Important to note: Trados terminology in the cloud manages multimedia items indirectly through URLs, saved in a text field. So, if you want your multimedia items to travel along with your Termbase, that is, embedded, MultiTerm Desktop is the only resource available for this purpose. Trados terminology in the cloud only offers these data types: text, number, Boolean, date/time and 'pick-list'
The fact of the matter is that only MultiTerm Desktop natively processes, stores and displays multimedia items (images, audio and video) in Termbases, whereas Tb-Scout v3.3 allows to preview, extract, and export images, and to extract and export audio and video items in those Termbases. No other commercial application offers these features.

Please note: This Multimedia Module will not allow to preview or extract items when Termbases are encrypted and read-only. However, browsing file names and exporting listings is still possible.  
Credit where credit's due: if you have MultiTerm Desktop you can export in bulk all multimedia items, even for read-only Termbases.

What if you want to just explore multimedia items instead of just terms?

With this Tb-Scout v3.3 Multimedia Module it is possible to:

    • Search multimedia items by name or by file type
    • Preview image files
    • Extract audio, image and video files
    • Generate and export an inventory of multimedia items (found in a Termbase) by file type

The three icons below ('multimedia indicators'), in the Termbases Explorer, inform that the displayed Termbase has multimedia items:

      1. Hover the mouse pointer over this icon to see the types of multimedia items by file extension. Icon 1 is hidden whenever icon 3 is in the Off position
      2. Click on this icon to open this Multimedia Module
      3. Click on this On-Off button to enable search by multimedia file names (On), by default, or to disable it (Off). When this button is in the Off position, it is possible to get more search results for text in general (Extended Search), otherwise the results will sometimes be truncated when in the On position (green).

Multimedia items, if found, will be listed by its file name so that you can perform a search such as ".jpg" to find all the files in this format and its corresponding entry ID.

Here is a list of multimedia file types supported by MultiTerm: 

avi, .bmp, .dxf, .eps, .fpx, .gif, .ico, .img, .jpg, .midi, .mp3, .pcd, .pcx, .png, .ps, .tga, .tif, .wav, .wmf, and .wmg.

Caveat: There is an issue with multimedia files whose name is longer than 50 characters. Pictures, for instance, will not show in this Multimedia module nor in the Extended Search results, yet, their names will always be visible in a Bird's Eye View of a Termbase entry. This is due to the design of the Termbase data model itself, an issue which could be circumvented but there is no use case that merits further development.
The solution: Shortening file names and re-inserting them in the corresponding multimedia type Descriptive Field will make them visible inside this Multimedia module.