Tb-Scout v3.3's other functions in the Termbase Explorer

Additional functions to make the most out of this unique tool

Please note: In "Reorganized Termbases" with "Additional Data Protection" which includes "Encrypted Entries" and a setting of "read-only" status, the functions below, marked with a red asterisk, will not work. Termbases with these settings are also marked as shown (right) when opened.

The only option left is to open such Termbases directly in MultiTerm Desktop.

We also included an important authentication feature, a Termbase integrity check, so you can tell if your Termbase is a legitimate, unadulterated, file. 

  • I can search a Termbase by date(s), when modified or added *
  • What are those images and videos in that Termbase?! Let’s find out 
  • Do you need a bilingual file in Excel for yesterday? 
  • I keep a list of my favorite Termbases 
  • I can tell immediately what’s inside a Termbase 
  • I can see instantly what were the latest terms added and when
  • I can see a full view of an entry * 
  • Just two clicks and a complete list of duplicates!
  • I can export a bilingual dictionary in PDF 
  • I can open that term in SDL /RWS MultiTerm Desktop directly from Tb-Scout v3.3! *
  • I can open instantly that folder where the Termbase is located
  • Do you want to find out if a Termbase has multimedia files?
  • Neat summary report of a Termbase
  • I can see my system and locale information