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Welcome to Tb-Scout v3.3*
The Translation Memories and MultiTerm Browser, Explorer and Search Engine, without Trados


There had to be a better, leaner and faster way of exploring SDL/RWS MultiTerm Termbases and Trados Studio Translation Memories, so we created it.
This is a real time-saver; basically a kind of Swiss Army Knife companion tool. No AI involved, but still you can get results within seconds!

The daily currency of Translators and Interpreters is WORDS and their most valuable assets to perform successfully in their day-to-day operations come in the form of curated Termbases (terminology databases) and Translation Memories, where words are stored in a systematic way as terms, phrases, sentences, idioms, acronyms and even entire paragraphs (called "Translation Units").

— Not to mention also the availability of AUDIO and VIDEO items, plus the visualization of IMAGES (diagrams, illustrations, blueprints, etc.) at your fingertips, thanks to the versatility of MultiTerm™ + Tb-Scout v3.3 —

For Interpreters, Tb-Scout v3.3 could be of great help when preparing AND keeping their own bilingual or multilingual glossaries of relevant terminology and specific expressions and concepts from conferences and/or events.  It is nothing less than a curated linguistic arsenal derived from documents and/or information snippets like 
° program or agenda ° background papers ° white papers ° texts of speeches ° PowerPoint presentations 
° summaries or minutes ° speaker's bios ° diagrams ° charts ° video clips ° audio snippets with pronunciation, etc. 

The sheer amount of terms and subjects could be at times overwhelming. Not anymore.

Get ALL of your relevant data and/or information (including multimedia)
in ONE single place, using only ONE application

If you have a fast, responsive, and practical tool that will help you to prepare for interpretation sessions (simultaneous or consecutive), that would be extremely helpful to be at top performance — even if you are an experienced interpreter, nothing beats being prepared with the right resources.

With Tb-Scout v3.3 you can, in general:

What it is

    • First of all, Tb-Scout v3.3 is an honest application — It will deliver and when not possible, it will tell you so
    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is a search engine to explore, extract and export data from (SDL/RWS) MultiTerm Termbases (terminology databases) and from (Trados Studio) Translation Memories
    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is a data extraction tool in plain text, meaning ready to use with no extra conversions
    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is a read-only tool, meaning all of your Termbases and/or Translation Memories will not be modified or altered
    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is a self-contained tool, meaning no extra programs need to be installed (except for either a full version or a run-time version of Microsoft Access that should be already available)
    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is a tool with a small footprint of less than 13 MB for the entire application
    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is a database tool with a user-friendly interface that processes and stores temporary data internally within the same tool for processing and for export
    • Last but not least, Tb-Scout v3.3 is a stand-alone application, but it is not portable — this means that once you install it, you cannot copy it into another folder or computer because it will not work.

Please note: Some functionality is not available for encrypted and read-only Termbases.

What it is not

    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is not a Translation Memory management system, but rather a companion tool and quick explorer tool.
    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is not a terminology management system, but rather a companion tool for such a system
    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is not a substitute for (SDL) MultiTerm Desktop, but rather a complementary tool to quickly search, locate, and extract information
    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is not a tool to add, edit or remove terms from a Termbase
    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is not a tool that will modify or change a Termbase or a Translation Memory since all its transactions are read-only
    • Tb-Scout v3.3 is not a tool that will communicate with a server or will share your personal data

Note: Tb-Scout v2.5 was the previous version of this application, which only included the MultiTerm Termbases Explorer. 

* Conversion of TMs to the TMX format is only available in version 3.3


For enquiries please contact the developer (also a professional translator): tbsv30.user @ translationist.com

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